Family Announcements

Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff:

For the school year (SY) 2023/24 breakfast is free of charge for all students that participate in the School Breakfast Program.  Second breakfast is paid at $2.00 per second meal, first meal is free.  Lunch is paid for this school year.  For students that qualify for free or reduced meals, they may receive one free lunch per day for this school year.  Any negative balances that was accrued from January 1, 2023 to March 1, 2023 must still be paid in full. Weekly letters and phone calls will continue to be made. Snack and a la carte purchases are not allowed to be made when there is a negative balance.
The Wolcott Public Schools' policy about negative meal accounts can be found here.

School year 2023-2024 meal pricing is:  Elementary School lunch - $3.15, Tyrrell Middle School lunch - $3.50, Wolcott High School lunch - $3.65. 

To add money to your child's meal account, please download the Linq Connect app or go to All cafeterias also accept cash or check made out to Wolcott Food Services.