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Wolcott Public Schools Registration Information


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PLEASE NOTE: This is a PRE-REGISTRATION form and does NOT complete enrollment for your child into the Wolcott Public School District. Once the form is submitted, the individual enrolling school(s) will contact you for further registration and all other required documentation needed to complete the registration process.

* This form is NOT for entering the Pre-K lottery. A seperate form for the Pre-K lottery will be posted on the District Website in the beginning of December. Any submissions for Pre-K lottery will be removed.

** If your child was born after September 1st, 2019 - please visit Kindergarten Entry Age Changes

**Before you can complete this pre-registration form, it is required that you upload your residency documents via the secure link below:

Please upload one from each category:

Category 1: Photo Identification

Permanent Driver’s License (Not with sticker on the back)

Valid State ID Card with Photo

Category 2: Housing Records

Copy of the Mortgage

Copy of the Official Lease (Updated annually)

Copy of the Deed

Copy of Closing Papers for Wolcott Residence (If just recently purchased home)

Category 3: Other

Current Utility Bill, one of the following is acceptable: Oil, Natural Gas, Propane, Electric, Cable,

Water, or Landline Phone

Property Tax Bill (If not, Car Tax Bill)


Please submit the residency documents by clicking this link: Secure Document Upload


PLEASE NOTE: Your pre-registration will not be reviewed until the residency documents have been uploaded and approved.

By checking the box below, you acknowledge that you have successfully uploaded the required residency documents to the secure link provided above. You also acknowledge that the pre-registration submission will not be reviewed until the residency requirements are met. *
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*Before submitting - please view our privacy policy which explains how we use the information collected in this form, for student pre-registration related procedures.

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