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AES Special Visit from Loretta Claiborne
Alcott Elementary School
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Posted On: Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On March 29th Alcott was honored by special guest speaker Loretta Claiborne. Ms. Claiborne, an inspirational global speaker, came to Alcott to speak about her inspiring life story, her visit tied in with Alcott's March give back to the Wolcott Special Games. Loretta's life was documented in the Walt Disney Movie The Loretta Claiborne Story. Loretta born partially blind and intellectually challenged, unable to walk or talk until the age of four told the students and staff of the many obstacles she has had to overcome. Loretta became one of the worlds most famous Special Olympians, running in 26 marathons and winning many trophies and awards along the way. Loretta has met many famous people in her life but one of her greatest personal achievements is speaking to groups about perserverance and never giving into bullies or those who say "You Can't."  The  students all watched the movie before Loretta's visit and were all so inspired and intersted in hearing her speak, she answered every question the students had for her and then went to each classroom after the assembly to ensure everyone had the oppotunity to ask anything they wanted.  Loretta Claiborne is an inspiration to us all and Alcott truly learned a great deal from her today. We are honored that she was able to visit us. 

Along with the visit from Ms. Claiborne, Mrs. Clair from  the Board of Education and Chairman of the Wolcott Special Games was on hand to receive Alcott's Giveback.  This month in Loretta Claiborne's name AES has donated $550.00 to the Wolcott Special Games. This donation was raised by the the students and staff by donating a dollar or more to wear red, white and blue to school today showing off American Pride again in honor of our hero Loretta Claiborne.