Wolcott Public Schools :: Asbestos Abatement at WHS - July 31, 2014
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Asbestos Abatement at WHS - July 31, 2014


July 29, 2014


To:       Parents, Teachers & Employee Organizations of

            Wolcott High School


We are planning to do work in B205 starting on July 31 and ending on July 31.  The work that will be done will entail the removal of some materials that contain asbestos.  The materials that will be removed are in good condition and are not causing any exposure or threat to human health.


We plan to remove the flooring material located in B205.  We have arranged for an asbestos removal contractor licensed by the State of Connecticut to remove the listed materials.  During the process of removing these materials, the area of work will be contained and sealed so that no particles or dust escapes the containment.  No one will be allowed access to these areas when the work is being performed.


AMC Environmental, LLC, will have State of Connecticut licensed personnel on site to monitor the abatement contractor’s work.  They will perform air quality tests to document that no asbestos fibers are in the air.  Also, air quality tests will be performed when each area is completed to insure that those areas are safe.


All work will be performed in compliance with the State and Federal Regulations governing asbestos abatement in Schools.


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