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The Wolcott Public Schools Human Resources Department is committed to recruiting, hiring, and supporting the most qualified and dedicated employees to serve the students of Wolcott.

All employees must contribute to a supportive environment in which each student is educated to his/her highest level of academic potential and each student develops the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for productive citizenship, including a personally rewarding quality of life, appreciation of heritage, and commitment to the ideals of democracy.

To apply for a position within Wolcott Public Schools, please complete the online application process.  Only applications submitted via the online application process will be accepted.


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Volunteers are essential to the success of Wolcott Public Schools. To volunteer within district, one must complete a Volunteer Application and be fingerprinted to comply with current legislation, which promotes the safety and well-being of all students. Please join us by volunteering today!
Fingerprinting Process and Volunteer Form


Ongoing Recruitment

The District has a high need for the following jobs and accepts rolling applications:

Certified Tutors for Homebound Intruction - $37.50 per hour

Substitute 2nd Shift Custodian - $10.25 per hour

Substitute Maintenance Worker - $10.25  per hour

Substitute Food Service Worker - $10.25 per hour

Substitute Secretary - $10.25 per hour

Substitute Paraprofessional - $10.25 per hour

Substitute Nurse - $100 per day –  License and CPR Certification Required

Substitute Teacher - $90 per day - Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree Required

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