Dear Frisbie Parents,

At this point in the year, I hope that the cold and snow is almost behind us and we can look forward to what will be a much needed spring thaw.  Due to the fact that we have had eight snow days this academic year, the end of the marking period has been moved to March 24th with report cards now scheduled to go home on March 31st. In addition, our last day of school is now Tuesday, June 24th.  Let’s hope that the weather cooperates, and we have a June that is as cool as last year’s!

As many of you know, our students in grades 3-5 will be participating in the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) Field Test this spring. The SBAC Field Test consists of a language arts assessment, a numeracy assessment, a classroom component for each, and a performance task for both English language arts and numeracy. Students will take all assessments (with the exception of the classroom component) in the computer lab.  This year’s SBAC test is a field test, meaning, it is a “test of the test”.  It is being given as a means to assess validity and reliability of test questions rather than student achievement. Our testing window begins April 28th, and will run through the beginning of June.

Grade 5 students will also take the Grade 5 Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) for science.  Fifth graders are scheduled to take the Grade 5 Science CMT on Thursday, March 20th.  Please do your best to see that your Grade 5 child is in attendance that day. 

The Frisbie school community has outstanding child and family centered events being planned for this spring including the annual Variety Show, a Frisbie Family Night, as well as PTO fundraisers and events.  Please continue to reference the Frisbie School calendar throughout the spring so that your family can participate in these positive events.



Joseph Norcross