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Melissa Iles, Director of Student Services, (ext.11)

Wendie Rodriguez, Supervisor of Special Education, (ext.16 )

Fran Shahen, Administrative Assistant, (ext.17)

Doris Tolomei, Clerk, (ext.18)


Special Education & Related Services

The Wolcott Public School District is committed to providing an appropriate public school education for students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment. State and federal special education laws and regulations govern referral, evaluation and placement procedures for students who are identified under special education. The Wolcott Public Schools is always striving to improve its continuum of specialized instruction and services for identified students ages three to 21. Individual student needs are identified and programs planned through the planning and placement team (PPT). District staff work closely with families and colleagues to ensure appropriate services are identified and provided in accordance with state/federal regulations. Special education and general education staff work together to provide learning environments that support students in receiving specialized instruction, accommodations, and modifications appropriate to the learner's needs and meet the district's expectations. The PPT identifies students eligible to receive special education and designs individualized education program (IEPs). To the greatest extent possible, students participate in the general education curriculum with supports, services, and instruction designed to allow them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a variety of ways.

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Student Services

The Department of Student Services is also responsible for the following:

· Special transportation as recommended by a PPT or 504 team

· Homebound/hospitalized instruction services

· Early childhood special education

· Support/ related/pupil personnel services: guidance, nursing, social work, school psychology, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, education for the deaf/hearing impaired, and education for the blind

· Custodian of records

· Gifted and Talented 



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