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The Wolcott Public Schools Human Resources Department is committed to recruiting, hiring, and supporting the most qualified and dedicated employees to serve the students of Wolcott.

All employees must contribute to a supportive environment in which each student is educated to his/her highest level of academic potential and each student develops the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for productive citizenship, including a personally rewarding quality of life, appreciation of heritage, and commitment to the ideals of democracy.

Thank you for your interest in employment with the Wolcott Public School System. Effective March 1, 2011 all applications MUST be submitted through School Recruiter, our online application management system. A valid EMAIL address is required to apply online. To provide better service and faster responses to our applicants, our new application system is designed to expedite the application process and provide timely responses via email.  To access this application click on the link below.


Click Here to Apply

 Click Here to see the Current Job Postings for Wolcott Public Schools

 The District has a high need for the following jobs and accepts rolling applications:

Substitute Teacher

Substitute Nurse

Substitute Secretary 

Substitute Paraprofessional

Substitute Food Service Worker

To apply for a position within Wolcott Public Schools, please complete the online application process.  Only applications submitted via the online application process will be accepted. 


Volunteers are essential to the success of Wolcott Public Schools. To volunteer within district, one must complete a Volunteer Application and be fingerprinted, which promotes the safety and well-being of all students. Please join us by volunteering today!

Fingerprinting Process and Volunteer Form


District Compliance Officers

a) Title VI (race, color, national origin)
Mr. Frank Purcaro, Director of Student Learning & Teaching – 203 879-8430

b) Title IX (sex equity)
Mr. Shawn Simpson, Alcott Elementary School Principal – 203 879-8160

c) Age Discrimination
Mr. Frank Purcaro, Director of Student Learning & Teaching – 203 879-8430

d) Section 504 (handicap)
Mr. Walter Drewry, Assistant Principal, Wolcott High School – 203 879-8164

e) Americans with Disabilities (ADA)
Mr. Kevin Hollis, Director of Student Services & Alternative Programs  – 203 879-8178

f) Homeless Liaison
Mr. Joseph Norcross, Frisbie Elementary School Principal – 203 879-8146


Wolcott Public Schools HIPAA Notice